Leadership Development

Leadership Development Training Videos

These videos are designed to provide church-wide access to some of the issues and topics we discuss in our Leadership Development team. It our desire that these video sessions will encourage you to grow with us as we move toward God’s goals for us in the area of leadership development.

Beth Haven Baptist Church seeks to fulfill the Great Commission to evangelize the lost and “teach all things” that Christ commanded us. We proactively work toward development of discipleship and leadership for the glory of God and for the good of people to whom we minister. Leadership Development within BHBC is a focused, intentional process of building people (not programs) for the purpose of fulfilling that great commission.

Most ministries mistakenly presume that the predominance of leadership in the church comes from the pastoral staff. While many lay people utilize their leadership skills and gifts in their daily work, they neglect the potential use of those same skills and gifts in ministry for God’s glory. The result is a limited church body, weakened by the unused gifts and talents through which God intends to build and bless his church.

The Leadership Development process begins with a core team of leaders who maintain a common mission and vision of developing additional leaders and disciples through life on life ministry. The individual gifts and skills that God has provided to various team members lays a broad foundation for training current and emerging leaders. This mentoring process provides a structured framework for exponential growth of leadership for ministry. The primary goal is to build leaders who will build leaders while fulfilling the great commission of evangelization and edification. An additional goal is to assist each participant in finding their specific ministry role. That role is not limited to finding a place to fit into the current church ministry, but rather identifying ways to utilize their gifts and talents wherever God intends them to use that gift. This will often lead to greater potential outreach of church ministry into the community or around the world. Additionally, each participant is encouraged to use their gifts and talents to mentor other disciples and leaders. Some key areas of instruction include: